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A billion ideas. A million smiles.
A thousand feelings. A hundred skills.

Our medical clowns are not birthday clowns, circus clowns or medical professionals but performing artists such as actors, musicians, family entertainers, drama teachers and/or allied health practitioners, trained in the special arts of Medical Clowning. They parody real doctors and their medical routine (hence the brand and name, Clown Doctors) to create and provide THERAPEUTIC HUMOUR. 

Our medical clowns are academically trained and certified by the world’s first and only specialised academic education in Medical Clowning by the International Institute of Medical Clowning (IIMC), at Steinbeis University Berlin. Their internationally recognised education programme includes 500 hours of performing arts, medicine & health science, psychology, social science, cultural studies as well as spirituality & compassion, in addition to 300 hours of supervised practical work at the hospitals. 



Dr. Bussy Bee


Celeste Yee


Celeste loves kids! Much of her education, career choices and social exposure is a reflection of this. The only child among her siblings to enter a Chinese school, Celeste has been wired to choose a path less trodden. At 21 years of age, her work took her to mountainous and tribal villages in S.E Asia. After 5 years, a sponsorship for an Associate of Arts studies in Canada rekindled her passion for learning and she continued to do so even after returning to Singapore.


She worked in a Child Care Centre and later as a Kindergarten Principal while studying to better understand children.  She eventually worked her way to attaining a Doctor of Education from the University of Durham where her research focused on 'The Perspectives of Looked-After Children on School Experience'.  This research arose out of her 5 years voluntary work in a Children's Home in Singapore.


Currently, Celeste works as a Children's Minister at The People's Bible Church and is a Chaplain of the Girls' Brigade 41st co. Having made numerous visits to the hospital, she hopes to be able to do more for those who are sick.  Grateful for the opportunity through Clown Doctors Singapore, Celeste aspires to clown her way into the hearts of young and old alike to bring cheer, laughter and love!

Dr. Captain Mozzarella

Ghazali Muzakir 

Ghazz is an actor, director, producer, educator, video maker and blood donor. He loves to weave lost dreams and stray thoughts into aesthetically meaningful narratives. 


As an actor he has performed internationally to audiences in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Berlin, Shanghai and Japan. Acting credits include Own Time Own Target with W!LD RICE; Hakim & The Giant Turtle, Puss in Boots and Aesop’s Fables with I Theatre; Bedok Reservoir by Pinball Collective and the lead role in H is for Hantu with STAGES. In 2013, he was invited to perform with the wacky GUMBO Theatre Group (Japan) in an international tour of Ring-a-Ring-o Rosie.


Ghazali has also written scripts, directed plays for children and produced independent theatrical shows. As a drama educator, he has taught and developed programmes with The Learning Connections, NAFA Young Talents and Faust Youth International, specializing in early childhood drama education. 

As cliché as it sounds, Ghazali hopes for world peace. This led him to the current path that he now treads, exploring various means of applying his theatrical skills for real-world benevolent causes. Apart from theatre in education and hospital clowning, he has been training and participating in Theatre of the Oppressed.

Dr. Daisy
Izzaty Ishak
Izzaty is an applied theatre practitioner who believes in engaging theatre as a tool to explore, educate, empower and evaluate. An applied theatre graduate from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she has worked with various marginalize communities in different parts of the world such as prisoners, youth at risk, youth with special needs, youths from low income, homeless adults, orphanages and patients in hospitals. 
As an artist, she has exhibited her installation in an exhibition called Aesthetic Arts Project London that reflects the Singapore identity. Furthermore, she has performed in local theatre productions such as Ways of Wondering from Theatreworks and Displacement by Teater Ekamatra.  Her call to serve people through the arts in the hospital has been answered when Clown Doctor Singapore was initiated.
She hopes that through medical clowning, she will be able to create a community like environment for patients and staff to still be themselves in a relax setting.  She too hopes that medical clown doctors will be the light during the darkest times of these patients and staffs.  The light to be silly and to be yourself.

Dr. Ram Bu Tan


Gyan Lee 

Gyan is trained in a youth performing troupe in acting, singing and dancing. He had starred in two award winning commercials, being well known as the M1 head bobbing guy and the fishmonger who talks too fast; the latter a special mention in 8 Days magazine. His roles on stage has seen him in the 2005 fringe festival where he played Mr L, garnering good reviews in The Straits Times Life. He is often seen playing in various children’s shows, travelling schools expounding the virtues of society.


He is a martial artist, writer, avid cyclist and bike mechanic.

His passion for clowning was first ignited when he watched Jackie Chan in Young Master. He also counts Buster Keaton and Rowan Atkinson as inspiration. It is the passion for clowning and the love of laughter that led him to become a clown doctor. 

Dr. Rob Otto


Zaaki Nasir


Zaaki may have known he was a clown since the day he was hatched. Sensing he was different he pursued being a performer. Not only does he perform children's theatre he also teaches theatre to children. He graduated with a Diploma in Film Sound & Video and has learned Acting on the job touring the School Assembly Show circuit with reputable companies like Act 3 Theatrics.


His passions include Improvisational Theatre, cooking, and shouting at bad television shows from the couch.


Zaaki decided to transform into Dr ROB-OTTO because he knows the value of a good bit of "nonsense" is important to remind ourselves to be human, and what better way to do that than shouting at a imbecile machine.

Dr. Sum Ting Wong

Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie


For the last 15 years, Cynthia has learnt all she knows about performing, by being on the job. A student of life, her experience in the arts is further enhanced by her ongoing education in puppetry and clowning. From acting and hosting on stage and TV, to radio deejaying and puppeteering, Cynthia has been nominated (and won) Best Actress for numerous awards.


Cynthia has a passion for animal causes, volunteering her time and heart with animal shelters. She also serves as an executive member with One (Singapore), a charity committed to creating awareness and taking concrete actions to eradicate poverty and inequality.  She enjoys spending time with her furkids, a handsome tabby named Simba and a fine young local mutt named Junior.


Being a Clown Doctor marries two of Cynthia’s passions – performing and doing something meaningful to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 


The following enthusiastic team contributes their time, provides task oriented guidance and governance, as well as implementing their vast experience and professional skills to support our organisation. 


Prof. Thomas Petschner

Co-Founder & Board Member
 CEO & Artistic Director
Cynthiya Headshots-0316.jpg

Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie

Director & Board Member
Certified Medical Clown
Image 112_edited.jpg

Zaaki Nazir 

Board Member
Certified Medical Clown

Vijay Sabapathy

Company Secretary
Accounting & Finances
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